Irka Mateo y La Tirindanga




I was delighted to be part of the album Magin Diaz "El Orisha de la Rosa" where I had the opportunity to participate with other singers and musicians from Colombia and around the world.


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Hombre de Tierra


 Praise for  Anacaona”

Angelina Tallaj
Ethnomusicologist, PHD
Irk Mateo is one of the best composer/arranger/vocalist of the Dominican Republic. She combines roots music with a 21st century aesthetics. Her music shows the depth of her knowledge of Dominican music, one that she acquired after decades of research. It is also modern, fun, exciting and well composed music. She will help launch Dominican roots music to the future. This album is a most.

Serge Kozlovsky
Anacaona” is more than just a combination of various styles. This is the music about which one wants to call: “True music”. The wonderful folk music surrounds the beautiful vocals of Irka Mateo. Every composition is perfectly arranged and performed. It cannot be compared with anything else. In conclusion I could only say – don’t miss this unique project because this music keeps us alive and happy! 

A Romero
World Music Central
With her captivating vocals, she elegantly blends Dominican folk with Brazilian jazz, boleros, echoes of Cuban Nueva Trova and Native American-style chanting and even a new genre she calls neo-Taino music. With Anacaona, Irka Mateo emerges as an inspired and passionate advocate for the popularization and preservation of Dominican native culture.

Matthew Forss
Inside World Music
A reconnection of sorts with Irka's native land of Hispaniola creates a musical project brimming with happy melodies, swaying rhythms, and sultry vocals.

Simenon L.Sandiford
Sanch LTD
Trinidad & Tobago 
It is beautiful, ethereal and uplifting.

DJ Mitchell Mendys
WKNH, New Hampshire
Irka's passion and exotic beauty infuse my show with added eclectic rainbow sonic qualities. I like that!

George Young
Country Club Productions Pty Ltd Australia
One does not need to understand the lyric's to hear beautiful music. This disc is full of wonderful songs.

Harry Boerman
Veluwe FM Netherlands
Great CD, We enjoyed it immensely. Great for our radio station. 

Kiko Jones
Irk Mateo is a wonderful vocalist and songwriter from the Dominican Republic who has made a lifelong career of exploring and soaking up the sounds and rhythms of her homeland. This album is a stunning example of her finely honed talent.

Ricardo Golibart
A magical blend of Dominican folk music with itself, this great artisan also draws from more universal genres and styles to give us ten good reasons to fell, to vibrate. For these reasons speak of longing, of love, of pride, o joy. Certainly not uncharted territory, but delivered in a way that is both seductive and powerful. World music does indeed have a new reason to brag about. You can dance, you can ponder, you can feel, you can vibrate. What else can you ask of great music