Irka Mateo & La Tirindanga

Pier 1 in Riverside Park South, NYC
Sunday July 3, 7-9pm 

Joes Pub 2016

Artivist Entertainment presents…
Friday, 16 September 2016

8:30pm— Ford Theatres, Los Angeles

Artivist Entertainment presents an unforgettable evening of music and art by exemplary women artivistas (artist/activists) whose work focuses on stories of resistance, empowerment, equality and social justice that have inspired positive social change in their communities and beyond. The evening's incredible line-up includes:!

Irka Mateo is a Dominican cultural treasure. Irka's identity is as  an indigenous Taino woman. She sings and writes songs inspired in the Taino/Afro/European folk of her native Dominican Republic while incorporating the wider influences of her multicultural background. Her trailblazing work includes prolific output as an artist and folklorist. As a singer/songwriter she has created her original music inspired in the Dominican folklore and has played with her band in  venues and festivals around the Americas. 

Her current work, including the single “Vamo a Goza,” showcases the contagious accordion music from the Dominican Republic, wider Carribbean, and Latin America. With an amazing voice, colorful songs, and outstanding performance, Irka Mateo fills the dance floors with her joyful and inspiring music.

Her love for the Dominican peasant population, bearers of the most ancient culture, led her to travel ten years in the rural areas of her country documenting more that thirteen genres of folk musical traditions and Taino culture.  Her extensive field research of Dominican folk music was recognized by the Grammy Foundation and brought to life in her critically acclaimed record, Anacaona. 

Acoustic Folkloric Session